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Rejoicing Life Ministries is committed to revealing the present truths of the Kingdom of God. The links we have provided are for your reading pleasure. Rejoicing Life Ministries doesn't necessarily agree with everything that is written in these articles. However, it is our desire to remain open and teachable and fellowship with all of God's sons.

Mike and Gayle Inge's Treasures of The Snow Forum
Mike and Gayle have a wealth of knowledge concerning present day truths of the Kingdom of God and share it with you and allow you and others to post your comments.
Gary Sigler Forum
Come and share your knowledge of the Kingdom of God with others.
Lively Stones Forum
Come and join others with your knowledge concerning present day truths of the Kingdom of God.
Kelley Varner
A must see web site. Kelley Varner is a prophet and scribe to the Body of Christ
Dr Gene Scott
A must see web site. Dr Gene Scott is a teacher of teachers.
Gary Sigler
The House of The Lord, Robert Torango
Absolute Reconciliation
George Hawtin
Dimensions of Truth is a Ministry of the Kingdom of God, Promoting the deeper study of Gods Word, and the reconciling of the Body of Christ to Him.
Selected Works of A.P. Adams
Kingdom Resources
J. Preston Eby
George Warnock
The Feasts of Tabernacles, The Hope of Glory. This book was written in 1951 and is a must read for those interested in going beyond Pentecost and into the Most Holy Place.
Bill Britton
Literary Prophet of the Kingdom Age.
Paul Mueller, The Living Word
Present truth writings.
The Feast of Tabernacles - The Hope of Glory
The Feast of Tabernacles written by George Warnock in 1951.
The Cupbearer, Lucinda Evans
A present truth kingdom perspective.
Latter Rain Links
Selected latter rain links.
Audio and Writings of J. Preston Eby
Selected audio recordings and writings by J. Preston Eby.
Through The Cross and the Blood Salvation Of All
This site is provided by Ken Visscher.
The Concordant Version of the New Testament
The Latter Rain
Information on the latter rain revival. There are many apostolic and prophetic links on this super sight.
Prophetic Vision of George Washington
A stirring call to intercession for America.
The Concordant Version of the Bible
Excellent translation of the original texts in English.
Greater Emmauel Kingdom Ministries
Greater Emmanuel International Apostolic Team Ministry Dedicated to bringing; "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!" Luke 2:14 Also, has other kingdom links.
The Writings of Jane Lead
Jane Lead was a 17th century (1624-1704) prophetess of God.
Great Eagle Ministries International
A present truth kingdom ministry.
The Law of Circularity
Everything begins in God and everything returns to God.
The Spirit of Love by William Law
William Law, born in 1686, became a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1711, but in 1714, at the death of Queen Anne, he became a non-Juror: that is to say, he found himself unable to take the required oath of allegiance to the Hanoverian dynasty (who had replaced the Stuart dynasty) as the lawful rulers of the United Kingdom, and was accordingly ineligible to serve as a university teacher or parish minister.
Theologia Germanica
Theologia Germanica was written by an Anonymous Author, From the mid 1300's, the author is identified only as a Priest and Warden in the house of the Teutonic Order. The same Mysteries relayed here would later be treated by both Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme), in the 17th century and by William Law in the 18th Century in much more depth and detail as they were led and inspired. The restored version presented here was discovered in1850 and differs from the corrupted texts that had been circulating since the early 1500's. The reader will find the former missing [and now restored] words being shown within square brackets throughout the document preserved on this site.
The Writings of Jacob Boehme
This page collects existing resources from the WWW on the work, world, and influence of Jacob Boehme.
Super Search Engine, www.google.com
Excellent search engine.
Twelve Tribes of Israel
Some intresting material on the Lost Tribes of Israel

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