The Third Dimension

In God's plan and purpose to bring us to maturity there are three dimension we must progress through. We begin with an outer court experience in coming to know the Christ as our saviour and redeemer. It is here that we start out as a babe in Christ and mature to a young man. 0 to 30%.

As we continue to grow we come to the second stage in this process of maturing. It is here that we come to know Christ as our Holy Ghost baptizer. It is here that we begin to learn spiritual ministry and progress from 31 to 60%.

It is very characteristic of  people to want to stop at each phase of this spiritual development and to camp out.  This is why we have in the Body of Christ fundamental churches and Pentecostal churches. However, if you refuse to go on into maturity you will never become a mature son of God.

There is a Third Dimension that God wants to bring each of us into and it is in this dimension that we become like Him and begin to manifest His power to the world we live in.  In this lesson, I want to show you that not only is there another feast we must experience but that you can begin to experience this feast today and move on into maturity.

The Third Dimension, Chapter One

The Third Dimension, Chapter Two

The Third Dimension, Chapter Three

The Third Dimension, Chapter Four

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