I am by no means an expert on this subject but I am very interested in what others have discovered and am willing to learn.  I want to condense some of the information that I have gathered and share it with you in hopes that you too may become interested.  We live in the time when all of Israel is going to be awaken from the slumber they have been in and the Lost Tribes are going to be shocked to learn who they really are.


We know that Great Britain and the United States have been blessed far and above any nations that have ever existed on the face of this earth but did God fail to mention these great nations in any of His prophecies in the Bible? Are the people of the United States, the British Nations, and Northwestern European nations mentioned in Bible prophecies? These nations became, in the past two centuries, the wealthiest nations, and potentially, at least, the most powerful. They possessed, at their height of power, almost three fourths of all the wealth and resources of the world. All other nations, combined, had little more than a fourth divided among them. And these nations acquired nearly all of this wealth since AD 1800. Never has there been anything like it in history. Never did a people spread out and grow so rapidly to wealth and power. Never were a people so rich. Why? Consider also, these people have printed and distributed the Bible by unbelievable millions of copies in the languages of all peoples.


We know Bible prophecies definitely refer to Russia, Italy, Ethiopia, Libya and Egypt, of today. Could they then ignore modern nations like Britain and America? Is it reasonable?  Assuredly it is not. The fact is, these people are mentioned more often than any other race. Yet their prophetic identity has remained hidden to the many. Modern nations are not spoken of in their modern names, except in few cases. 


It was prophesied in Jerimiah 1:10,


"See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant."


We can read in the book of Jerimiah about him tearing down the nations of the Twelve Tribes but what did he ever plant?  Is it true that Jerimiah went to the British Isles and to Ireland?  We know that God said that the scepter would not depart from Judah and that a king would always sit on the throne of David, but what happened after King Zediciah and his sons were slaughtered.  Did God forget His promise to David? Are all the promises in the Old Testament given to all the tribes of Israel or are some given to the House of Israel and some to the House of Judah?  Are all the tribes of Israel Jews?  Was Abraham a Jew?  Was Jacob a Jew?


I will attempt to answer these questions and others that will be brought up as we unravel this mystery.


David D. Johnson

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