The Lost Tribes of Israel

The Lost Tribes of Israel

Chapter 8


An Amazing Connection Between England and Jesus




The ties between Jesus and England are many.  God has been "grooming" England all through history. From the arrival of Brutus in 1103 BC, Jeremiah in Ireland in 583 BC, the Druid (Hebrew) Priests, the Megalith Builders of prehistory, and the endless waves of Celts and Scythians that migrated to that area, I think we can conclude that England has a part in God's plan.


In another place, I'll be offering evidence of the family ties of the British Royalty to the Roman Royalty. The story reads like a Payton Place of History. Inter-marriages and intrigue. Love and War. Good and Evil. It's all there. Why did the Roman Emperor end centuries of Christian persecution, and declare Christianity the religion of the state? Constantine the Great, was born and raised in England and was half English, on his mother's side. 


Joseph of Arimathea was Mary, the mother of Jesus, uncle. He was Jesus' great-uncle and guardian after Joseph the carpenter died; somewhat early in Jesus' life. Not only is this connection to Jesus' family wonderful. See just who it was that made up that family. Looking at it humorously, Joseph of Arimathea's daughter married an earthly king and his sisters married God. Anna, married King Beli, and produced the lines of Queen Elizabeth, King Arthur, and the Royal family of the Roman church. Ann, one of Joseph's sisters who became the Great Matriarch of Jesus immediate family, was great-grandmother to "half" the Apostles! ! ! AND Bianca his other sister became grandmother to BOTH Jesus and John the Baptist. No wonder he jumped inside Elisabeth's womb. His cousin, the Messiah, had come to visit


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