I am going to express some things in this writing that may perhaps be new to you. Hopefully they will be confirmations to what the Lord has been showing you, or perhaps you will "Just Know" that it is the truth by the anointing that is within you. If not then just put it on the shelf to perhaps look at again at another time.


When you begin to experience spiritual things, you can find it very difficult to try to put into words that which you experience in the spirit. And as always, when spiritual truths began to be expressed, they are normally always extremely opposed by religious people who are trapped in a mindset and not willing to see things different.


I am not interested in just another teaching or a "Revelation" but I want the reality of all that I know to be wrought into my experience. For instance I know that I am complete in Him. There is nothing I need to do or can do from my own strength to complete the work in me. However, I do not just want the knowledge of my completeness but I want to walk practically in that knowledge until I am fully and experientially walking in the completeness. I know that I am healed and in perfect health but to just know that intellectually will not help the pain or heal the body. We must keep reaching into the spiritual realm and bring into manifestation by the spirit that which we know to be the truth. Like Abraham we cannot consider our body as good as dead but we must consider Him faithful who has promised.


We must be prepared at all cost to share the truth of what we know to be the truth as the Lord leads. One of the things I always caution people about is this: do not be afraid to hear something that sounds contrary to what you believe. The only way that God can progressively bring us into more understanding and revelation is that we must trust Him and know that as we are seeking truth He will lead us and guide us into ALL truth. God is bringing us into us such an awareness of His voice, and His presence, that we no longer need to fear being deceived. I always share wherever I go 1 John 2:20 "You have an anointing and you know all things."


When we begin to hear spiritual truths, although they may be foreign to our understanding and our thinking, there will be something in us that resonates to it. Maybe we can't quite understand it and have never seen it that way, but we know it's the truth. That's what the anointing does for you. It bypasses your natural understanding.


Gary Sigler

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