Fulfilling Your Destiny

To achieve the will and purpose of God on this earth we must know what God is doing and what part we are to play in accomplishing that purpose. So many Christians have not taken the time to discover the issues that Father is interested in, and what part we are to play in bringing it to pass.

The greatest need in this world today is for the Christ to be birthed in a people enabling them to fulfil the will and purpose of God. The need is not for more Bible Schools or Theological Colleges, nor is it the need for more Bible teaching, but it is for the birthing of the Christ IN A PEOPLE. The moment came in Israel's history when Rome was in possession of their land and they were paying tribute to Cesar. God's people were hurting under the Roman rod of King Herod who served Rome without thought for the people. Unknown to the people a messenger appeared to a woman whose name was Mary delivering to her an amazing message. She was a virgin who was espoused to a man named Joseph. She was told that she would become pregnant and bear a child and his name would be JESUS. But this was not just a simple pregnancy for no human sperm would be involved. Mary's response to the messenger was one of fear, knowing that her pregnancy would cancel the arrangements for her marriage. In fact it would appear to everyone that she had committed fornication and would suffer the consequences of the Law in Israel.

Beloved we are living in a time when the same situation applies, for there are forces functioning on the earth today that are destined to destroy people financially, and making it difficult to get medical attention, with crime increasing and generally causing unrest among the people. Our country is not being overrun by another nation but is being exposed to forces in every walk of life that bring fear and distrust even of Governments. No statesman can resolve the issues facing the world today and no Government has the answers either. New words are being used to describe our dilemma, like Recession and Melt-down, Financial Crash of Banks and Lending Institutions and the Stock Exchange. Even Christians are being caught up in this "Crash," but how few even consider that there is a spiritual answer for the world. Two thousand years ago a child was born in Bethlehem who was designated as a KING who was over every other King or authority on the earth.  

In this one King lies the hope and the desire of the nations. There is only one problem and that is to find a virgin who will birth the Christ for this generation. Most Christians are not even looking for a virgin today for they have followed the fables of religious men who teach the people that there is no need for a virgin today. They teach that Jesus Christ is up in the sky somewhere and that his plan is to return one day and call up the Christians who have followed their teachings, into the clouds in the sky and take them away to a place called heaven. The rest of the story is that when all the Christians have gone all hell will break loose on the earth creating the great tribulation in which the wicked will be punished. So there is no need for a virgin today to bring forth the Christ on the earth today according to this teaching. 

It is now time for us to wake up and discover why we are in this world at this time in history and what part the Lord wants us to play in bringing His will to pass in our generation. Instead of focusing our attention on the things the world is interested in, let's focus our attention on the Kingdom of God.

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