The Power of the Force

Chapter 13


Paul said in Col 1:16,


ďFor by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him.Ē


God has purposed in Himself to have a people in the earth that have been empowered by His spirit. He is calling forth Sons that have been born of God and are true representatives of His nature and character. The Father wants to be seen in us without a hint of a cloudy haze that would distort His image. This is vital to the fulfillment of His plan to reveal Himself to lost creation. God has a message of love and salvation to deliver to His children, but if the messenger is not able to deliver this message in the spirit and mind of the Father, the essence of the love of God toward His loved ones will be missing and the message will be flawed.


The new species of messenger will be sounding forth the good news of Godís love with vocal chords that have been anointed by the spirit of God to hit a note of sound that will stir the ancient memory of our soul and will call us home. The sheep will be listening for the sound of the Shepherdís voice and will not follow another.


Why, you may ask, doesnít the world follow after the message of the church? The answer is that the message is one of a God that is a dictator instead of a God that is a Father. The message of the church is tainted with words of judgment promising harsh punishment for sins delivered without a voice of love. This nullifies the true reason for Godís judgment, which is to bring us to correction and joy unspeakable and full of glory. It is the same scenario that is played out every day in an abusive home where the parents lash out at their children in a fit of rage, striking them with physical blows meant to bring them into submission but accomplishing the direct opposite. There can be no substitute for love. A hug will accomplish more correction than a blow to a childís body. I am not suggesting that a child should never be reprimanded, for I realize that any child will continue to miss-behave if given a free reign, but I do believe that the parent is responsible for punishment that exceeds the transgression. This happens more times than we would want to think about. The parent has a bad day at work, the car breaks down, the air conditioner goes out, and the frustration over these matters is unleashed upon the children, which, by the way, canít do anything right in the eyes of the enraged judge of the house.


The result is a beating that is more therapeutic for the parent in venting their frustrations than it is for correction of the childís behavior. Judgment of any kind should never be administered in a spirit of rage or loss of sensibility. The result is much worse than if there were no punishment at all. We have seen in the past that any church that has become enraged over the continued rejection of their version of the gospel story becomes more and more abusive toward anyone that does not see things their way. Instead of being the magnet of Godís love to creation, the church has become a judge of Godís wrath that cannot be approached by anyone except those that have lost all hope of love in their life and they commit to the stranglehold of religion just to belong to a group that will give them a sense of security.


Canít you just envision the power, the dunamis and exousia that will be unleashed when the true, nurturing nature of the New Jerusalem, the beautiful Bride of Christ, the loving, compassionate, Mother of us all wraps her arms around us and holds us until the crying stops and cleans the dirt from us as she takes the filthy rags off of us that religion put upon us and she covers us in clean, silky linen made up of the righteousness of our Father.


Even now, as we speak out against the tyranny of an out of control religious mother of Babylon, we see the damage that has been done and the scars that remain in the hearts of the people of God. Some still flinch and pull away when the hand of Christ is stretched out to them. For some, the message of a loving God that asks nothing of us but to believe in His love and come to Him to live with Him in peace and grace is too good to be true. For them, the abused offspring of a wicked guardian, beaten without reason, locked up in cult-like communities of religious bondage, forbidden to question the teachings and rules of their overseers, psychologically brainwashed into testifying to the goodness of their tormentors in order to stay in good graces and not be publicly humiliated, for them the message of unconditional love is foreign and suspicious. In their world of abuse, everyone has an angle, an ulterior motive, a con.


Nothing is truly free in their relationship with the wicked mother. Yes, they have programs for the adults, a big gymnasium for the children, a beautiful building to gather in, but only if they continue to give their money to the wicked mother. In fact, they have come to the awful truth that mother only loves them if they support her with their money. Take the money away and mother becomes a tyrant accusing them of neglect and warning them of the consequences that come to them that dare to leave off from supporting her prison house.


God always hears groaning creation and not one word intended for His ears goes by the wayside. Indeed, God has moved for us even when we were sinners and countless times saved us from destruction with or without our asking Him to. He has moved heaven and earth to keep us in this world and is constantly working on our behalf.


I want to attempt to strip the mask off the horror story of the gospel that the counterfeit church has preached and I want to tell you the real story, the gospel story, the story of Good News and not terror. Let God reveal to you His heart concerning His undying love for you, then perhaps I will have been able to empower you with the knowledge that the God we serve is first and foremost, the lover of our soul. The whole plan of God concerning the creation of mankind is to have an expression in the earth. As it is now, God is a spirit, and is only heard or recognized of those that are in the spirit.


The Church, the true Church, is to be His expression of love and salvation to the world. The gospel story, is a story of an unapproachable, unknowable, holy God birthing out of Himself a creation, made in His image and likeness, in order that God might have fellowship with His offspring, or those that are made up of His God-Stuff. God desired children, heirs of His essence, and inheritors of His Godship. He could not find this kind of relationship with anything that was created before man. When God made man a little lower than the angels, God literally lowered Himself into man.


The gospel story is not about who we were before we took on flesh, the story of love and supreme sacrifice is one about an invisible, awesome, loveable God falling in love with the soul of man. Yes, with the soul. Whatever we were in the Father before we took on flesh, it was not something that satisfied the longing of Godís need for fellowship. God created a being formed in corruption, begotten in mixture, part life, part death, part good, part evil, and yet containing all the essence and substance of God Himself. The whole Elohim was in attendance, all the prior creations, all the angels, seraphims, winged creatures, each a heavenly wonder in their own right, and yet they all knew that here was a creature different from them all. This creature had something that nothing in heaven had ever seen nor experienced. This creature had a soul. God did not make us and form us of the earth in order to have fellowship with our spirit. He already had access to that. What is it that separates man from all the other created beings in heaven and earth? A soul. It is the soul that God was after when He mixed us with corruption. Our†† problem is that we canít see the reason for our corruption. Why didnít God just create us perfect, without mixture, without a fickle soul? Wouldnít it have been easier to start out with a perfect specimen and avoid the eons of separation and rebellion? Sure it would. But then again, as I have stated before, God would have the same things He had before this act of creation.


Think upon this. As far as we know, everything else that was created before man was perfect, and God still was not able to fellowship with it in the intimate, Father-Son way. Let me reveal a false, horror story from the wicked mother here. The corrupted church system has told her children that evil is so prevalent and so powerful that it was even in the angels of heaven, so much so that one day an angel called Lucifer tried to pull a rebellion in heaven and almost overthrew God from His throne. In fact, God was so scared of this angel that He had to cast him out of heaven so that Lucifer could not corrupt the other angels.


Sound similar to any of you that have been in the house of the wicked mother? I went to sleep many times with this story in my mind, wondering, "If God wasnít able to keep the angels themselves holy, how could He keep me saved?"The truth of Lucifer is that he was not an angel. Lucifer was Adam. If any of you havenít heard this before read my article on The Origin of Satan on my website. Let me just point out that Adam is the son of the morning, the son of God, the brightness of His glory, and it is Adam that fell to the earth and was cast out of the garden to toil in the flesh. Listen carefully to me! There is only one power in all heaven and earth, only one spirit, only one God, only one authority, and that is Almighty God! Everything else is only GIVEN power, GIVEN authority. Never in the unlimited reaches of eternity has anything TAKEN power from God. None of these principalities exist externally, they all exist internally.


Take note, I did not say that they did not have an external manifestation, but the real seat of existence is in the dark recesses of our earthly, carnal mind.†† We think we have heard it all, known it all, read it all, and in truth we know nothing yet. We still have the veil of flesh over our minds when it comes to principalities and powers of the air. We are in store for some eye opening, suspender popping, hair rising, life changing experiences. Get ready!! Clean your house, light the lamp, stay awake and keep your eyes open. God is starting to finish the mystery of the ages and I donít think itís going to sound anything like what the church has been preaching to the world.


Adamís story is not a story of evil being equal in dunamis to good, but rather the story of Adam is the story of a creature that was made with rebellion, not by his own craftiness, but by the design of the Master Creator. God did not have to suddenly think fast and act fast, as if out of surprise, when Adam was found to have sinned. Sin was expected, failure was expected, more than expected, it was predestined, designed as an integral part of the plan of Godís redemptive love. Godís redemptive love is the phrase that separates us from all other creations! !!


Rev. 13:8 says,


ďAll who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.Ē


Why did Adam rebel? Why did he fall from the heavens and dash himself upon the earth? Why did he give up his shining light for a darkness of death? Because God had destined him to do so. The soul is the object of desire in this story of God and His love for man. The soul, by itself, is corruptible, incomplete, in need of a covering, a head, a husband. The soul is weak, fickle, flirtatious, susceptible to sin and if not married will display unflattering characteristics that are earthly. If, however, the soul is ever wooed by the spirit, it can become a beautiful thing, feminine in itís nature, adding beauty and grace to itís husband, completing the partnership of life.


If we sin, we sin in the soul. If we overcome, we overcome in the soul. The spirit is never outside of the presence of the Father, because in essence and substance, it is the Father. When we speak of redemption, of salvation, of the change from corruptible to incorruption, we are not talking about our spirit, we are talking about our soul. Our spirit has never sinned, and indeed, it cannot sin, it was made in perfection. The great struggle of life is that we are a spirit eternally joined to a corruptible soul and as long as the spirit stays singular and the soul stays singular we will be a creature of good and evil, right and wrong, death and life. This is why we can be caught up into God one minute and the next minute fail miserably.


In times past some of us have felt that in order to become what God wanted us to be we had to get to that high place of worship and stay there, which is, in all truthfulness, impossible at the present time. Neither I nor you can go through our everyday life jumping up and down, singing at the top of our lungs, speaking in tongues and expect ourselves to go to the store and pick up some groceries or go to work and maintain that high. We have missed the point of the high place. It is not a place to dwell in, it is a place to be changed in. The high places of the spirit are experienced by us as a vital and necessary operation of bringing heaven and earth together in us, soul and spirit. When the marriage is complete, soul to spirit, we will not be going anywhere to obtain something, we will simply be.


So, in light of this process of love lost and love found, we are being guided by our loving Father through a lifetime of re-identification and re-generation. I will never lose my soul, or be without itís influence. My spirit being, must keep wooing my soul and courting it until there is a consummation of our love for each other. For the truth is, my soul loves my spirit. It loves to have my spirit lift it up into the presence of our God and at times it rejoices unabashedly in the heavenlies. The problem is, it is still fickle and susceptible. As Paul said in Rom 7:15-21,


ďI do not understand what I (soul) do. For what I want to do I (soul) do not do, but what I hate I (soul) do. 16And if I (soul) do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. 17As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me. 18I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my flesh. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I (soul) cannot carry it out. 19For what I (soul) do is not the good I want todo; no, the evil I do not want to doóthis I (soul) keep on doing. 20Now if I (soul) do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it. 21So I find this law at work: When I want to do good, evil is right there with me.Ē


This is a story of a bad marriage if I ever heard it! The love story goes on though. Love that is eternally enduring, love that is never ending, this is the love that God loves us with. His great desire for us is that He will continue to restructure our fallen minds and our spirit-soul relationship until He has a New Creature with which He can have true God-fellowship. The only way He can have this type of fellowship is to make this redeemed man like unto Himself.


In the present state of being, that being a divided state, we cannot look at God eye to eye. It would be a deadly act for us in our corruptible state. As a matter of fact, nothing that has been created thus far can look Him in the eye. The eye is said to be the window to the soul. If our eye is the window to our soul, then the eye of God is the window to the most sacred and frightful part of God. Looking into the eyes is an act for lovers. It is an intimate act that can be surprising when one sees things that were meant to be secret and hidden. It is an act that God means to be able to perform with this creature, man. Just the thought of it thrills my soul. To think of looking into the open, unblinking eyes of Jehovah God!


Along with this great bond of looking into each otherís eyes in this day, we also know that there must be a certain sound come forth from those that God will use to present Himself to the world. The voice that will draw the world to God is the voice of the Father speaking through the sons. When this voice comes forth it will transcend doctrinal differences, religious knowledge, and ritualistic experience. The voice of the Father will speak to a dormant part of the lost ones conscience and will make a connection to an ancient yearning that is found in all of creation, that is, to be reacquainted with its creator. For example! Jesus was walking along in Matt. 9:9 which says,


ďAs Jesus passed on from there, He saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax office. And He said to him, ďFollow Me.Ē So he arose and followed Him.Ē


The Father is not going to give this voice to anyone else save those that are destined to be the Word made flesh. The Word is more than just language; it is the essence of Godís will expressed.Our destiny is not just to speak the words of God, but to say them in such a way that only God could say them to His love, with passion and longing. The sheep will not be led by the word, or doctrine of the shepherd, but will follow the unique sound of His voice. It is this inflection of word that we are being empowered with. This takes exousia to perform it. We must have permission and authority from God to speak as God, but speak as God we must. We must find our identity in Him and allow His cleansing stream to wash the mud ofAdam off us.


So much emphasis is put upon the message in this day that we lose sight of the fact that the message is not enough; it must have a voice with it. That voice is the voice that prompted the people of Jesus day to proclaim, "Never has a man spoke like this man"! He spoke with authority (exousia) and everyone that heard Him recognized it with a long lost sense. What is this long lost sense?Why is it that Jesus was able to calm the man that roamed the graveyards and was not able to be constrained by any man and yet, when he met Jesus, he stood docile and in his right mind? What is this recognition? I believe it is a proof of John said in John 1:4, and John 1:9,


In him was life; and the life was the light of men. (KJV)

That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into

the world. (KJV)


Every man that has come into this world has been lit by the light and life of God. We have been made familiar with God and His voice before we took on flesh and at the sound of our Fatherís voice we are moved by its familiarity, regardless of our beliefs or spiritual state. The sinner is moved by this voice as much as the believer for it is an ancient connection that is as much a part of us as our arms or legs. Because every one that has come into this world has within them an ancient, timeless longing to be reconnected with their heavenly Father. Our true image, our true likeness is not in fallen Adam, it is in the arisen Christ!


Hear me when I say this, religion can only tell you so much about God, the preacher can only tell you so much about God, the bible can only tell you so much about God, the final revealing, the final awakening to who you are is not going to come from without, it is going to rise from within you like the rising of the sun in the land. Trust God to finish your restructuring! You are going to make it! We have migrated away from God by design, and some of us have been helped by religion to migrate even further than we would have if left alone, but our migration back to our original birth place is going to be done by divine intervention. A voice is going to lead us; a sound is going to ring true to our ears. An inner compass that we have never used in our natural life is going to be revealed in us and we will hear Him say, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life". The Way home is through His truth and His life. No other life will do. The migration has begun in a few. They have quit following the pied piper of the church and they have heard the sound of the voice of Him that has been raised from the dead. That inner compass is pointing a different way, an opposite way, and they have to rely on that inner yea and amen to lead them home.